Class Notes U07

1. *feel/ have (great) affection/ love/ hatred/ admiration for sb
    *feel/ have (great) pity/ sympathy/ compassion for sb
2. 帝國(n.):  empire
   皇帝(n.):  emperor
   女皇(n.):  empress

4. cf. tomb; grave

5. 建築物(n.)[C]:  a building/ structure/ construction

12. cf.  crumble; collapse

14. cf. able(←→ unable) ; capable(←→ incapable)
      cf. ability(←→ inability) ; capability(←→ incapability)

 *be able to V(V)
 *be capable of Ving(V)
 *have the ability to V(V)
 *have the capability of Ving/ to V

15. cf. spill; spell
   cf. spill; pour

16. 臉紅(n.) (vi.): cf. flush; blush

19. 評論、談論(vi.) cf.
   *remark about/ on sth
   *comment on sth
   *state one’s opinion
   評論、談論(n.)[C] cf.
   *a casual remark
   *a formal statement
   - No comment.
21. 傲慢、自大
   arrogance (n.) → arrogant (adj.)
   conceit (n.) → conceited (adj.)
   (foolish) pride → proud (adj.)
22. 優雅的(adj.) cf.  elegant; graceful

   *a graceful dancer; 	*graceful movements
   *an elegant dress; 	*a tall, elegant young woman

 Words for Recognition   
12. *the glimmer(= twinkle) of a distant star


8  In fact, behind this grand structure is a touching(= moving) story.

 - They know each other; in fact, they're close friends.   
 - He looks younger, but he is in fact almost 60 years old.
  - His story touched/ moved us.
→ It was a touching/ moving story.
→ We were deeply touched/ moved by his story.	

8  Legend has it that(= According to legend,)....

18  Before long, however(= though), the emperor was usurped...
=   However, it was not long before the emperor was usurped...

22  Though centuries passed(= went by), the Taj Mahal still stands there today,....

23  Such is its beauty that...
=   So beautiful is it that...

26  ...and wrote the following words in praise of (= to praise) its 
    lasting(= ever-lasting; eternal) beauty...

35  The magic lies in its white marble dome,...

 在於: lie in N = consist in N = be in N

- The difficulty lies in(= consists in; is in) providing(provide) sufficient evidence.

37  Bathed in the light of the setting sun ...

- The valley was bathed in moonlight/ warm light.
- He was bathed in sweat.

47  In/by contrast, the gentle yet rich and full contours...

cf. in/ by contrast; on the contrary; in/ by comparison; on the other hand

1. It wasn’t a good thing. On the contrary, it was a huge mistake.
2. He is a loud friendly man. In/ By comparison, he brother is rather shy.
3. The cats often sleep the day away. In/ By contrast, the dogs never settle down.
4. Peter is very talented. On the other hand, he’s also very lazy. 

58  ...the emperor’s undying passion...

 undying 不朽的 (adj.)
 *undying passion/ love/ devotion/ support...

Pattern Practice


1.	Gina was so embarrassed that her cheeks flamed red in an instant.
→	So embarrassed was Gina that her cheeks flamed red in an instant.
→	Such was Gina’s embarrassement that her cheeks flamed red in an instant.

2.	Laura如此地迷人,那些男生的眼神都離不開她。
	So attractive was Laura that the boys couldn’t take their eyes off her.
	Such was Laura’s attraction that the boys couldn’t take their eyes off her.

I Task

1. Such was the force of the hurricane that many houses in the area were destroyed.

2. Such was the child’s natural curiosity that he kept on asking questions.

3. Such is the convenience of the Internet that a growing number of people are in the 
    habit of shopping online.


1.	Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.
→	No other mountain in the world is as/so high as Mount Everest.
→	Mount Everest is higher than any other mountain in the world.
→	Mount Everest is higher than all the other mountains in the world.

2.	Disneyland attracts the most visitors among the amusement parks in the US.
→	No other amusement park in the US attracts as many visitors as Disneyland.
→	Disneyland attracts more visitors than any other amusement park in the US.
→	Disneyland attracts more visitors than all the other amusement parks in the US.

II Task 1

1. No other series interests me as much as the Twilight series.

2. No other student in the singing contest sang as beautifully as Christine (did).

3. No other man-made structure is as long as the Great Wall.

4. In China, no other great wonder has stood as long as the Great Wall.