Class Notes U06

3. 限制 (v.) cf. confine; limit; restrict

- Please confine(= restrict; limit) your comments to 200 words.
- Firefighters managed to confine the fire to the living room.
- He was confined to a wheelchair.
- Hospital visits are limited(= restricted) to 30 minutes.

4. 壓力 (n.)[U][C]  cf. pressure; stress

   *be under pressure/ stress
   *the pressures/ stresses of everyday life
- They pressured him into resigning/ to resign.
- She stressed(= put stress on) the importance of education.

6. 獲得(v.) cf.
    get; gain; obtain; acquire 
  * get/ gain/ obtain/ acquire knowledge

  贏得、搏得  win; earn

7. 實現夢想:
    fulfill/ realize/ carry out one’s dream; 
    make one’s dream come true
    發揮潛力:  fulfill/ realize/ achieve one’s potential

9. precisely(= exactly) ←→ roughly

10. 允許: cf. allow; permit

    *allow sb to V
    *permit sb to V
 - If time permits/ Weather permitting, we’ll have a picnic at the beach.

 cf. permission; permit

11. cf. (vt.) suppress; repress; oppress

 *suppress(= repress) anger/ a laugh/ a smile/ a yawn
 *suppress(= repress) a protest movement/ political disagreement
 *oppressed minorities; the oppressed

14. - Suppose a fire broke out. How would we escape?
     - I suppose(= guess) you're right.

   *be supposed to + 原V
   - You are supposed(= expected) to listen to your parents.
   - The castle is supposed(= thought) to be haunted.

19. 享受(vt.: enjoy sth; relish sth;  take pleasure in sth

   *relish the thought/ idea
   *relish the chance/ opportunity