Class Notes U03

1. cf. transport (v.) 	→ transportation (n.)/ transport (n.)[UK]
        transform (v.)	→ transformation (n.) 
        transfer (v.) 	→ transfer (n.)
        translate (v.)  	→ translation (n.)
        transmit (v.)	→ transmission (n.)

3. 居住  cf. live ( vi.); dwell ( vi.); inhabit ( vt.); populate ( vt.) 

- Numerous species inhabit/ populate this island  
= .................     dwell/ live on this island.

居民(n.)  inhabitants; residents

4. cf. awesome; awful

5. rugged ←→ even; smooth

6. adequate = sufficient

7. *a ping-pong paddle

9. cf. intend; tend
- He intended to leave the business to his daughter.
- Those who snack a lot tend to gain weight easily.

- He didn't intend to cause any harm. 
= He didn't intend any harm.
- We intended her to come with us.
(= We intended that she come with us.)
- The author intended the book for adults.
→The book was intended for(= was (m)meant for)  adults.
10. cf. reservation; preservation; conservation

 *wildlife/ water/ energy conservation
11. cf. respectfully; respectively

- He respectfully took off his hat when he entered the building.
- The boy and girl are 12 and 13 years old, respectively.

13. cf. principle (n.) ; principal (n.);(adj.) 

  *stick to(←→ go/be against one’s principles)
  *one’s principal(= main) goal/ reason

16. except (prep.);(conj.)   exception n.[C]  exceptional (adj.)
 exceptional (adj.) 
  (1) 卓越的、優秀的 = extraordinary; outstanding; remarkable
  (2) 不尋常的、罕見的 = unusual; rare

17. cf. heritage; inheritance

18. oriented = orientated [UK]

20. 旅行團 tour group
      導遊 tour guide
      觀光景點  tourist spot/ attraction/ destination
      導覽 guided tour

21. 努力(去...)
    *try to V
    *strive to V
    *endeavor to V
    *work hard to V
    *make an effort to V

- The team is trying to determine which method works the best.
- Toni is striving to achieve some musical recognition.
- The school endeavors to teach students to be good citizens.

23. 故事(n.)  cf.  story; narrative; tale

Words for Recognition   
12. 核能發電廠  nuclear power plant

Idioms and Phrases

1. *a child with bare feet
    *a tiny, bare room
  - He killed the robber with his bare hands.
3. ward (n.)[C] 病房、牢房;
             (v.) → ward sth off (= avoid being hit by sth)