Class Notes U01

2. Essay	Argumentative Essay  論說文
		Descriptive Essay  描寫文
		Narrative Essay   記敘文

3. cf. look (vi.); gaze; stare; peer; glare; glance

 - The mother told the boy not to stare at the disabled clerk.
 - The young lovers gazed into each other’s eyes.
 - The teacher glared at him as he walked in late.
 - I peered into the dark closet looking for my missing shoe.
 - She glanced at her watch and announced she had to go.

4. cf. mass (n.); mess (n.)

 - The house was a complete mess when I got home.
 - The hill appeared as a black mass in the distance.
 大多數的~  the mass of N = the majority of N.

5. cf. desperation n.[U]; despair n.[U]; vi.

 - In desperation, he tried to flee the country.
 - In despair, he took his own life.

 - Don’t despair!
 - He despaired of finding her again.

6. procrastinate (vi) = put sth off

10. 大部分的: 
    most of the ~
=   a large proportion of ~
=   a large percentage of ~

13. dull adj. 鈍的

 *a dull(←→ sharp) knife/ pencil  
 *a dull(= boring) speech/ movie/ life  
 *a dull student/ employee  
 *a dull sky/ light 
 *a dull roar/ thud  
 *a dull pain/ ache

17. 我們搭手扶梯/搭電梯/走樓梯吧!

- Let’s take the escalator/ elevator/ stairs

18. 騙(~人)做出(~事) (v.):
     *trap/ trick/ fool sb into Ving

19. *rob sb (of sth)  → 搶劫、剝奪~人(的~物)  

20. 這篇短文的截止日期為十月六日。 

   - The deadline for the essay is October 6.
  = The essay is due on October 6.

21. cf. grab; seize; grasp

- He grabbed/ seized/ grasped me by the hand.
- She grabbed/ seized/ grasped the opportunity to go to America.
- Let's grab a bite to eat before we go.
- A group of soldiers seized the airport.
- They didn’t fully grasp the significance of the changes.

23. cf.
 doom (n.) 	→ doom (v.)
 fate (n.) 		→ fate (v.)
 destiny (n.) 	→ destine (v.)
 - She felt that she was fated/ destined/ meant to do something great.
 - The team was doomed/ fated/ destined to fail from the very beginning.
Words for Recognition  

4. cf. spurt (n.) (v.); spur (n.) (v.)

 - She felt a spurt of anger rise inside her.
 - The reward was a spur to greater achievement.

 - Blood spurted from his nose.
 - The offer spurred them to work harder.


2  ...and it’s time that I did my homework 
=  ... and it’s time for me to do my home work.

7  I give some thought to the topics, but soon I find my eyes as well as 
   my mind wandering....
= I give the topics some thought...

*give sth thought = give thought to sth (= think carefully about sth) 
- Have you given any thought to going(go) back to school?

*not give sth a thought (= not to consider sth)
- The dress is too expensive, so I won’t give it a thought.

*A(,) as well as B(,) + V...
- The coach as well as the players is ready for the game.

17  The mass of(= The majority of) men lead lives of quiet desperation.

*lead/ live a .... life → lead/ live a life of ....

- He led a comfortable life.
→ He led a life of comfort.

...lead lives of quiet desperation. 
→ ... lead quietly desperate lives.

19  ... I have wasted a great amount of valuable time...

*a great/ large/ huge amount of
(= great/ large/ huge amounts of) + [U]
*a good/ great deal of + [U]

*a great/ large/ huge number of
(= great/ large/ huge numbers of) + 複n.

*plenty of + [U]/複n
*a lot of(= lots of) + [U]/複n
*a large quantity of + [U]/複n.

22   ...the famous saying(= proverb; adage)....

- A famous saying goes that procrastination is the thief of time.
- A famous saying goes,“Procrastination is the thief of time.

25  ...the ways I have handled my assignments.

 the way (that/ in which) S+V

- I like the way he smiles.
= I like how he smiles.

40 homework from the night before(= the previous night) 
or even from a week earlier(= a week before).

45  Rather, I always end up...

- Our problem is not a lack of money but rather a lack of planning.
→Our problem is not a lack of money. Rather(= Instead), it’s a lack of planning.

46. My life is continually interrupted...

cf. continually = constantly; frequently 
    continuously = without stopping

- He is continually(= constantly) experimenting with new recipes.
- You can't work continuously for six hours without a break!

54  I have yet to grasp the concept...
= I have not yet grasped the concept...
(= I have not grasped the concept......yet.)

= The team has yet to win a game.
- The team has not yet won a game. 
= The team has not won a game yet.