Class Notes U12

4. 溜走(v.) 
    cf: sneak; creep; steal; slip

8. cf. hostility n.[U]; hospitality n.[U]
 - The family showed open hostility to/towards their new neighbours.
 - The local people showed me great hospitality.


5  ...a young couple (whose families have long feuded with each other).

 - Over there is a man (whose house has burned down).

 - Over there is a house (whose roof is red).        
            .....                      (the roof of which is red).
            .....                      (of which the roof is red).
            .....                      (with a red roof).

14  ..., he stood underneath Juliet’s bedroom.

    cf. under; beneath; underneath
 - We took shelter beneath a huge tree.
 - The boy crawled under the fence.
 - I left the key underneath the mat.
 - He hid the envelope underneath his coat.

29  It is not (a) hand(,) nor (a) foot.

 - It was not my fault, nor (was it) his.

31  O, call yourself by some other name.

 - We call him by his first name.

45  ... the name had come to mean hatred and hostility.

  cf. come to V; get to V; grow to V
 - I eventually came to regard him as a friend.  (開始覺得;逐漸)
 - She never got to go to college.  (有機會能夠)
 - She grew to like her job.  (逐漸變得) 

49  In other words(= To put it differently; To put it another way),...

51  Names, after all, should not be a handicap to their relationship.

  after all:
 (1) 畢竟(提出考量,用以解釋前句為何這麼說)
 - You should meet her halfway. After all, she’s your best friend.
 - I don’t know why you’re so concerned – it isn’t your problem after all.
 (2) 終究(儘管與預期不符)
 - He wrote to say they couldn’t give me a job after all.
 - It didn’t rain after all.