Class Notes U10

5. clever (adj.)
   (1) (工具、器物)巧妙的:  a clever idea/ design/ gadget...
   (2) 聰明的: a clever/ smart/ bright/ intelligent girl

6. 7.  
 比賽:  cf.
 game:  a basketball/chess/hide-and-seek game  → 球類比賽、一局、遊戲 
 match [UK]:  a soccer/tennis match  →  球類比賽(= game)、兩人球類比賽 
 race:  a running/swimming/horse race  → 起點至終點的競速比賽 
 tournament:  a golf/chess tournament  → 錦標賽(淘汰至最後優勝者) 
 contest:  a speech/cooking/singing contest  → 特殊技巧的競賽 
 competition: dance/talent competition   → 找出最優秀者的競賽、
                 (尤其)商業利益競爭 - The two companies are in competition.

 參賽者:  cf. contestant;participant;competitor

 (競爭)對手:  opponent; rivalcompetitor; match

11. - Is it good value? The jury is still out (on that). 

13. - His performance really stood out.

     an outstanding/ exceptional/ excellent/ impressive performance.

14. 額外的、附加的(adj.):extra; additional

15. 天分、天賦 (n.): talent; gift
      有天分的、有天賦的 (adj.): talented; gifted

16. cf. principle (n.); principal (n.) (adj.)

 - It’s a small school with just three teachers and the principal.
 - It’s against my principles to cheat.
 - Teaching is her principal source of income.

18. observe vt.
 (1) observe sb/sth  → 觀察
     - Children learn by observing people and things around them.
 (2) observe(= notice; see) + sb + Ving → 察覺、看見
     - He observed two children playing(play) on the street corner.
 (3) observe(= follow; obey) a(n) rule/ law/ agreement... → 遵守
 (4) observe(= celebrate) a holiday → 過(節日)

19. cf. coincidence n.[C][U]; incidence n.[C]; incident n.[C]

20. 參加: 
 (1) cf. attend; participate; join
 * to attend a meeting/ ceremony/ wedding/ funeral/ concert/ party...
 * to join sb/ a club/ the army/ (an activity/ a debate/ the line...) 
 * to participate in(= take part in; join in) an activity/ event...
 * to go to a party/ concert...
 * to get involved in an activity / event ...
 * to enter a contest
 * to take a test