Class Notes U09

1. cf. memory (n.); memo (n.); memorabilia (n.)
         memorable (adj.); memorial (adj.) (n.)

 - We have pleasant memories of the trip.
 - The new hospital is a fitting memorial to her.
 - She collects Beatles memorabilia.
 - Did you get my memo about the meeting?

 - It was a(n) memorable (= unforgettable) experience.
 - A memorial service was held to honor the victims of the attack.

3. comedy ←→ tragedy

4. cf. modest (adj.); moderate (adj.)
 - She is very modest about her achievements.
 - He enjoyed modest success with his singing career.
 - Her doctor recommended drinking moderate amounts of coffee.

8. cf.
   shabby(= worn-out) clothes/ furniture
   battered(= beat-up) old car/ suitcase 

9. 嘲笑 (v.):  ridicule(= laugh at; make fun of) sb for sth

 - The other kids ridiculed him for the way he dressed.

10. deny sth(N/Ving) → (1) 否認~(事)  (2) 拒絕~(事)
      deny sb sth  → 拒絕給~(人)~(物)
 - The judge denied their request. (拒絕)  
 - The president denied the rumor. (否認)
 - The government denies its citizens basic freedoms. (拒絕給予)

11.   terrify vt. 使恐懼
→    sth + terrify + sb

 - Snakes terrify me.
 - He hid in the corner like a terrified(= frightened) child.
 - It was a terrifying(= frightening) experience.

12. 伴奏 (v.):  accompany sb + on 樂器
      隨同...(人)前往 (v.):  accompany sb (to V/ to 地方)
      伴隨...而來:  A + be accompanied by B
   cf. company n.[U] 陪伴; companion n.[C] 友伴

 - I appreciate your company.
 - Can you stay and keep me company?
 - The dog soon became my constant companion.

15. 哄堂大笑: roar/ explode with laughter; 
      burst into laughter; burst out laughing
16. cf. resume; consume; assume

 - I assumed he was coming, so I was surprised when he didn't show up.
 - They consumed a lot of beer at the party.
 - The game resumed after the rain stopped.
 - She hopes to resume her work after the baby is born.
 cf. - After a short pause, she resumed(= went on with her story.

 Words for Recognition   
 4. “Boo!” 噓~~~ ←→ “Encore!” 安可!

 Idioms and Phrases

4. take one’s place(take the place of sb/sth) 
=  replace sb/sth


5  I was born in London on April 16, 1889.

 - She was born in a small village.
 - She was born on May 5, 2000.
 - She was born into a large family.
 - She was born to hippie parents.
 - She was born with a weak heart.
 - She was born blind/ deaf.

17  It was because of her voice that I made my first appearance onstage

 - I saw him at the bus stop yesterday.I saw him at the bus stop yesterday.

 - She made numerous appearances on TV game shows.

18  If this had not been the case, ...

 - You'll probably notice her sweating a lot. 
   If this is the case, give her plenty of water.
 - People tend to think of him as dishonest, but 
   that’s not the case.

26  I remember standing backstage when...

 - Please remember to lock(lock) the door when you leave.
 - He remembered seeing(see) her somewhere.

28 laugh and make fun of(= ridicule; laugh at) her.

32  ...that I take Mother’s place(= replace Mother) to perform.

34  After a few words of explanation to the audience,...

      explain sth to sb

37  ...and saw a shower of money...

      a shower of kisses/ sparks/ dust

43  This made them roar with laughter
(= explode with laughter; burst into laughter; burst out laughing),...I

50  It was not until that moment that I returned to the stage and resumed singing.
= I didn't return to the stage and resume singing until that moment.
= Not until that moment did I return to the stage and resume singing.