Class Notes U08

1. 請求原諒...(人)...(事):  ask (for) sb’s forgiveness/ pardon (for sth)

2. 進行研究、做研究:  conduct/ carry out / do research

   行為(n.): cf. conduct; behavior 
   - I'm surprised by her bad behavior toward her friends.
   - There are strict rules that regulate lawyers’ professional conduct.
3. 宣布:  cf. announce; declare; proclaim; pronounce

 - He stood up and announced that he was ready to go.
 - She proclaimed(= announced; declared) that she will run for governor.
 - The government has just declared a state of emergency.
 - The government has declared war on drugs.
 - The victim was pronounced dead on arrival.
 - I now pronounce you man and wife.
4. 命運(n.): cf. fate; destiny

 - He was a great leader whose destiny was to free the people of his country.
 - They abandoned him and left him to his fate. 

6. 使...愉快,使...高興(vt.):
    sth + delight/ please + sb

    令人愉快的(修飾物):  delightful; pleasant
    愉快的,高興的(修飾人): delighted; pleased

10. cf. trace; track

      sh + go back/ date back/ stretch back / can be traced back 
      + to 確切時間(地點) / 一段時間

 - The style of these paintings dates back to  the early 18th century.
                     .....                                        to ancient Greece.
 - The style of these paintings dates back more than 300 years.

12. 飛奔 (v.) (n.) : dash; sprint

13. 同情、憐憫:  cf.  compassion; sympathy; pity

      show/feel compassion/ sympathy/ pity for sb

18. 充足的:  sufficient; ample


5  Strangely, though(= however), all those who ....
However, it is strange that all those...

 然而(adv.): cf. however; though

 - Jane married her Prince Charming, but/ yet her happiness 
   didn't last long. 
 - Although/ Though Jane married her Prince Charming, her happiness 
   didn't last long 
 - Jane married her Prince Charming.
   Her happiness didn't last long, though (= however).
   However, her happiness didn't last long.
   Sadly, though/ however, her husband died soon afterwards.

12  By virtue of(= Because of; As a result of) an unconditional...

15  ... has long been ... 
=    ... has been ... for a long time.

16  Its origin can be traced back(= goes back; dates back; stretches back) 
      to .... 

17  ... the year in which(= when) Thanksgiving was proclaimed a national holiday......

	proclaim A B

18  live 活的(adj.) ←→ dead

 cf. live; alive; living
 - We've never done experiments on live animals.
 - The fish is still alive.
 - We went to a live concert.  
 - The sun affects all living things/ creatures.

21  ...even named it Jack 

     → name A B

30  As to (= About; Concerning; Regarding; With/ In regard/ respect to)
      the first...

35  ...arrive in the place where(= in which) they had expected.

36.  ... the harsh(= severe) winter...

40  ... and, according to legend, God responded... 
= ... and, legend has it that God responded...

44  It is said that the foods (served at the feast) included...
→  The foods (served at the feast) are said to have included...

50  ... as Thanksgiving approaches (= with the approach of Thanksgiving), ...