Class Notes U07

1. 調查: an inquiry/ investigation into sth

4. (極為)重要的,關鍵性的(adj.): 
    cf. crucial; critical; vital; key; important
7. 虛擬實境: virtual reality

    幾乎(adv.):  almost/ virtually/ practically

9. 虐待動物:  animal cruelty
    虐待兒童:  child abuse

12. cf.  identify; recognize

 - I didn't recognize him in his uniform.
 - She identified the dog as her lost pet.
 - Scientists have identified a link between diet and cancer. 
 - It is important to recognize how little we know about this disease.
 - Her novel was recognized as a work of genius.

17. 侵犯隱私: violate/ invade one’s privacy

23. 隔離(v):  cf. separate; isolate

     separate / isolate A from B

 Words for Recognition   
 6. cf. howl; bark; meow

Idioms and Phrases

7. drop out (of sth)
→ a dropout

中輟生:  a high school dropout