Class Notes U05

1. All his life, Marin Luther King championed the cause of human rights.

2. 打敗...(v.): defeat/ beat sb

   落敗(n.):  suffer a defeat ←→獲勝:  win a victory

7. 對手(n.)
    cf. rival; competitor; opponent; match

8. cf. odd (adj.); odds (n. pl.)

11. 交換(v.) :  trade/ exchange/ swap sth with sb
                      trade/ exchange/ swap A for B
  - I’d like to trade/ exchange/ swap jewels with her.
  - I’d like to trade (her)/ exchange/ swap my necklace for her bracelet.

13. 令人覺得丟臉的(adj.): 
      - What a(n) humiliating/ embarrassing/ mortifying day!

     - I felt extremely humiliated/ embarrassed/ mortified.

14. haunt n.[C] 常去的地方

   - The school library has since become one of her favorite haunts.

15. 對...(人)有信心:  
      have faith/  belief/ confidence in sb
      believe in sb

16. cf. persevere (v.) → perseverance (n.) 
           preserve (v.)  → preservation (n.)
    - These laws help preserve our natural resources.
    - She persevered in her studies and graduated with honors.


2  After an eighty-six-year wait, ... 
= After they had waited (for) 86 years, ... 
= Having waited (for) 86 years 

   after a long wait

13  Before playing the St. Louis Cardinals, ...
 - She's playing Evans at the women's tennis final.
 - The young actress plays a shy, nervous woman in the movie.
 ※- Did you like to play with dolls when you were little?

15  In the beginning, the Red Sox didn’t seem to stand...
At first, it seemed (that) the Red Sox didn’t stand...

18  The Red Sox’s victory was really something.
→  The Red Sox’s victory was very impressive.

  - Running your own company at 21 is really something.

19  No team had ever won...
   =  Not a team had ever won...
"ever" 為強調字

(1) Have you ever been to Japan?   (強調疑問)
(2) Don’t ever call me again!  (強調否定)
(3) She is the prettiest girl that I have ever seen.  (強調最高級)
(4) If you ever need help, just let me know.  (強調假設)

21  Afterward, the Red Soc went on to the World Series,...
  cf. go on with N; go on to N
 - After a short pause, she went on with her story.
 - After high school, she went on to college.

32  Many people, including some of the team’s loyal fans, then blamed...
=    Many people, inclusive of some of the team’s loyal fans, then blamed...
=    Many people, some of the team’s loyal fans included, then blamed....

  blame sb for sth = blame sth on sb
  sb + be to blame (for sth)

- People blamed the driver for the accident.
- People blamed the accident on the driver.
- People thought the driver was to blame for the accident.

41  In the end(= at last; finally; eventually), the long wait proved to be worth it.

  prove vt. vi.

- His prediction proved (to be) wrong.
- I can prove that he is guilty.
- I can prove his guilt.
- I can prove him (to be) guilty.