Class Notes U04

1. invisible(←→ visible) (adj.)  
    vision n.[C]  
    visibility n.[C]
  - She has poor/ good/ 20-20 vision.
  - He is a leader with vision.
  - The race was canceled due to poor visibility.
2. cf. 顯然(adv.):  apparently; obviously; clearly
   (n.) appearance 外表
8. isolate A from B → A + be isolated from B  

11. cf. respond; reply; react → Unit 3

12. cf. emergence; emergency

13. cf. efficient; effective

   - These drugs are effective in the treatment of this disease.
   - The new law will become effective next year.
   - We’re working toward more efficient use of energy.

17. insist (that)  S + (should) + 原V    堅持(某事要依S之意進行)
→  insist on/upon Ving

     S1 + suggest/ recommend/ ask/ require/ request/ demand/ 
             insist + (that) S2 + (should) + 原Vinsist (that) S + V    堅持(某事為事實)

   - Mike insisted that these problems were(be) not his fault.
   - He insisted that his name not be(不被) revealed.
   - He insisted on/upon doing(do) everything his own way.

19. cf. sensible; sensitive

   - Older people tend to be very sensitive to cold.
   - She was sensible enough to stop driving when she got too tired.
   - My teacher gave me some sensible advice.
   - National security is a sensitive matter.

20. cf. advise (v.); advice (n.)[U]

      a piece/ word of advice

      advise sb + to V
                      + against Ving
                      + on sth

21. 專心、專注於
      sb + concentrate/ focus (+ one’s efforts/ attention/ mind) on sth
      sb + be/ stay focused on sth

22. 建議(v.): suggest (that) S + (should) + 原V
                    suggest sth (to sb)
      暗示(v.): suggest (that) S + V
      - All the evidence suggests that he stole/ has stolen(steal) the money.
      - We suggest you call(call) the store as soon as possible.
      - Jane suggested asking(ask) her father for his opinion.
      - Are you suggesting that I am(be) lazy?
 Words for Recognition   
 1. cf. occupied; preoccupied
   - My mom is busy; she keeps herself occupied with volunteer work.
   - He was so preoccupied with his own thoughts that he didn't notice
   anything wrong.

Idioms and Phrases

2. (prep.) but + N = except (for) + N


1 ...keep you waiting...

  keep/ find/  leave/ catch + O + O.C.(adj./Ving/p.p./介系詞片語/ N(同位格)
  - She kept the room clean(clean).
  - She kept the water running(run).
  - She kept the door locked(lock).
  - She kept the money in a safe.
  - She kept the decision a secret.

15 your cell hone...
   (v.) date sb
   (n.) have/ go on a date with sb
17  "Don't ever call me again!"

"ever" 為強調字

(1) Have you ever been to Japan?   (強調疑問)
(2) Don’t ever do that again. 
     No one ever saw him again.  (強調否定)
(3) She is the prettiest girl that I have ever seen.  (強調最高級)
(4) If you ever need help, just let me know.  (強調假設)
(5) The rules grow ever more complex.  (修飾比較級) 
35 ...when they can’t get access to their cell phone contacts.
  (v.) access + sb/sth
  (n.) have/ get/ gain access to + sb/sth