Class Notes U02

1. 在這/那方面: in this/that regard/ respect

  關於+N: about + N
  (= regarding; concerning;  with/in regard to; with/in respect to) + N
  不管、無論:  cf. regardless of + N
                           no matter wh-子句
  - We'll continue the race regardless of the weather. 
  - We'll continue the race no matter what the weather is like.
2. 烘、烤  cf. roast; bake; toast; grill

  - Her mother baked a cake for her birthday.
  - I like to toast my bagel and then butter it while it’s warm.
  - Roast the pork for an hour before serving it.
  - We grilled the hamburgers at the cookout.

3. sth + disgust sb
(令人覺得)噁心的: disgusting; sickening

4. 同樣地:  likewise; similarly; 
                  in a similar way; in the same way

  “Happy weekend.”   (你也是。) “Likewise.”= “(The) Same to you.” = “You too.

6. 小題大作:  make an issue of sth
                     make a big deal (out) of sth
                     make a mountain out of a molehill

11. 一般人:  ordinary people; the average person
    一般說來:  in general; on the whole= overall; on average

   大約平均值  about average 
   高於平均值  above average
   低於平均值  below average

12. 量體溫 take one’s temperature 
→  Let me take your temperature. 我幫你量體溫。

14. adapt ( 適應:  sb + adapt (oneself) to sth    
                           改編,改裝:  sb + adapt sth to V
                                                                        for N
                                                                        from N
    cf. adopt (vt.); adapt (vt.vt.) ( adoption (n.); adaptation (n.))

   cf. adopt vt.; adapt vt. vt.
   - The couple decided to adopt the orphan boy.
   - These fish adapt easily to colder water.
   - His point of view was adopted by the authorities concerned.
   - The camera has been adapted for underwater use.
   - The movie was adapted from the book of the same title.
   - The author Samuel Clemens adopted the name “Mark Twain.”

15. 必要的:  cf.  essential; necessary; indispensable
      重要的:   cf.  important; vital
16. 上(菜) (v.): serve food/ a dish
    一份食物 (n.): a serving of...
    → a small/large serving/ helping of pasta
17. 收集資料: gather/ collect information   

19. 財富(n.): wealth [U]; riches (pl.)
   富有的(adj.) : wealthy; rich
   a wealth of / plenty of/ lots of / a lot of + 可數複數n.(pl.)/ 集合n.[U]
   a large number of + (pl.)
   a large amount of + [U]

21. The city prospered(= thrived; flourished) as a center for trade.
22. reason n.[U,C]
   1. 原因、理由:  - We’d like to know the reason why she is absent.
                            - We’d like to know the reason for her absence.
   2. 道理:  - There is reason in what he says.
   3. 理性:  - Humans possess the power of reason.

23. 複雜的 (adj.): complex; complicated 

Words for Recognition   

7. 龍蝦(肉) [C][U]: lobster
    蝦子(肉) [C][U]: shrimp 

10. snail mail ←→ electronic mail; e-mail 

Idioms and Phrases

3. cf. in/by contrast
         in/by comparison
         on the contrary
         on the other hand

  - He was a loud friendly man. In comparison, his brother is rather shy.
  - The cats will often sleep the day away. The dogs, by contrast, never settle down.
  - It wasn’t a good thing; on the contrary, it was a huge mistake.
  - I’d like to eat out, but on the other hand, I should be trying to save money.

7. cf. keep/ prevent/ stop + O + from Ving

  - His injury may prevent him from playing in tomorrow’s game.
  - He did his best to keep his son from getting into trouble.
  - Nothing can stop me from pursuing my dream.


1 把A視為B 
  regard/ view/ see/ look upon(on)/ think of/ refer to     A      as    B
  consider/ think   A   (to be)    B

  Candied and fried insects are regarded as       mouth-watering dishes....  
→     ...                                 are viewed as                ...
         ...                                are seen as                  ...
         ...                                are looked upon(on) as        ...
         ...                                are referred to as       ...
         ...                                are thought of as             ...
         ...                                are considered (to be)         ...
         ...                                are thought (to be)            ...

2  mouth-watering adj. 

   sth + make + sb’s mouth + water
→ The delicious meal made my mouth water.
→ It was a mouth-watering meal.

3  ...just as roast mice make a perfect meal....

  cf. (just) as + S + V
      (just) like + N

   - He played soccer in college, just like his father.
   - He played soccer in college, just as his father did.
   - She ran off to pursue her dream - just as her mom had left them 
   for a better life. 

   make 適合成為...
   - I'm sure you will make a very good teacher.
   - The hall makes an ideal venue for a wedding reception.
4  ..., however(= nevertheless; nonetheless,... 
5  ... Likewise (= Similarly; in a similar way; in the same way)

6  ...the horse meat (that is) served as a delicacy ...might never be acceptable to ...
→ The horse meat is served as a delicacy.

   The waiter served the cake hot with butter.
→ The cake was served hot with butter.

cf. The sofa had to serve as a bed.

8  ...those who are “hungry enough to eat a horse.“I’m so hungry (that) I could eat a horse.”

13  Geography often play a(n) important/ vital/ essential role/part in 
      the foods people choose.

14  以...為例  take sth/sb (for example)

23 ... As a result (= As a consequence; In consequence; Consequently; 
                           Accordingly; Therefore; Thus)....

26.  In addition to (= Besides; Aside from; Apart from; On top of) geography, ...

30 ....the shape of a lobster is similar to that of an aged person....

 - In my opinion, the finest wines are those from France.
 - His experience is different from that of his brother.
 - The wages here are higher than those in her country.
 - The voice was that of an elderly lady.

31 aged person(= a very old person)...

aged adj. 
(1) very old 非常老的: an aged tree/man
(2) ~歲的: a woman aged 40

34 .., Whoever(= Anyone who) finds....

36  Similarly(= Likewise; In a similar way; in the same way)

39  ...A yuanbao represents(= symbolizes; stands for; 
                            is representative of; is symbolic of) wealth and satisfaction...

45  ...ensure(= make sure of) a prosperous year.

49. ...try to find out(= discover) the origin...

52 ...if you are not scared(= afraid; frightened) of slimy snails