Class Notes U01

3. 憤怒的(adj.) cf. angry; furious
    憤怒,震怒(n.)  cf. anger; fury; rage

     - He was shaking/ trembling with anger/ fury/ rage.

    盛怒之下:in a (fit of) rage/ fury
    對~大吼大叫(v.)  cf. yell/ shout/ roar/ scream at sb  
    對~發火、發怒(v.):  rage at sb

4. 讓~(人)毛骨悚然
   sth + send a chill down sb’s spine
   sth + give sb the creeps
   sth + make sb’s skin crawl

12. 欠(錢):  owe sb money(= owe money to sb) (+ for sth)
→ I owe Jack $5(= I owe $5 to Jack) for the drink.

   I owe him (one/ a favor/ an apology/ an explanation).

   歸功於:  owe sth to sb = owe sb for sth
→ I owe my family for my success.= I owe my success to my family.

   因為、由於 + N:  because of/ due to/ owing to + N.

13. repay 
    償還: - I'll repay the money (that) I owe them next week.
    回報: - How can I ever repay your kindness / repay you for your kindness?

    回報  cf. repay; reward; return
    - She gave the children some chocolate to reward them for being patient.
    - He smiled at her warmly and she returned his smile.
    - How can we repay you for your generosity?

17. cf. wander; wonder
    - The old man was found wandering the streets.
    1. 想知道: wonder if(= whether)-N.子句/ wh-N.子句 
    2. 驚嘆於(v.): wonder at sth = amaze at sth = marvel at sth
        驚嘆(n.):    look at sth in wonder(= in amazement)
    3. 難怪: (It is) No/ Small/ Little wonder (that) S + V

18. 體貼的: thoughtful; considerate (←→ thoughtless; inconsiderate)
    - It was thoughtful of you to remember(remember) my birthday.

Words for Recognition

1. batter (vt.) 毆打、連續猛擊
→ He was battered to death.

   battered (adj.) 
→ a battered old suitcase/ wife

2. at daybreak (←→ at twilight)
    at dawn (←→ at dusk)
    at sunrise (←→ at sunset)

Idioms and Phrases

2. cf. pull up; pull over

 - He pulled (the car) over to look at the map.
 - He pulled up next to me at the stoplight.

3. cf. by the way; on the way; in the way

 - It won’t be long before she gets here. She’s already on the way.
 - I’m taking Jane out for dinner tonight. By the way, I like your shoes.
 - Please move—you’re in the way.

7. cf. drive off; run off
 - Her husband ran off and left her with two children to care for.


5  …., he’d been unemployed = …, he had been out of work

6  隨著嚴冬肆虐 With winter raging on... = As winter raged on...
   隨著: With + O (+ OC), S + V 
           As + S + V,      S + V
   With that funny old hat on, John looked like a total stranger.
   With his eyes wide open, …
   With his clothes torn(tear) and dirty, …         
   With his head bleeding(bleed), …
9  As snow flurries drifted... =  With snow flurries drifting...

11  on the side of the road = on the roadside

12  in the faint light of day = in the twilight

17  …except (for) (= but; other than) this man
    Everyone was invited except (for) (= but; other than) John.
    Except for(= Other than) John, everyone was invited.
    Your composition is great except for a small mistake.

23  All (that) she had was a flat tire, … What she had was a flat tire,…

30  … this wasn’t a job, but rather a way to …
    → …this wasn’t a job. Rather, it was a way to…

    not A but B → not A but rather B
 - Our problem is not a lack of money, but (rather) a lack of planning.

31  需要幫助的人: someone (who is) in need; those/people (who are) in need
31  lend (sb) a (helping) hand (with sth)
    - Can you lend me a hand with this?
32  repay sb = pay sb back

34  until直到
    → I will wait until(till) you come back.
  → I won’t leave until(till) you come back.	

37  a dingy-looking café

    複合adj.  (adj./adv./n.)-(Ving/p.p.)
    好看的 a good-looking guy
    聞起來甜的 a sweet-smelling flower
    嘗起來苦的 a bitter-tasting medicine
    充滿樂趣的 a fun-filled party
    刷成白色的 a white-painted house
    講英文的 an English-speaking person
    與壓力有關的a stress-related illness
    受到病毒感染的a virus-infected patient
    令人心碎的 a heart-breaking story
    心碎的 a heart-broken man

38  leg (旅程或賽程的)一段 n.[C]: a leg of her trip/ race

46  change [U] 零錢
     - Can you make change for a twenty?

47  溜出門 slip/ sneak/ steal/ creep out of the door
    …the lady slipped/ sneaked/ stole/ crept out (of) the door