Class Notes U12

2. - The money was divided into three portions.
      (The money was divided in three.)   
    - The money was divided between the two robbers.
    - The money was divided among all the robbers.

5. revealing clothes

9. cf. look at N
         stare at N: Don’t stare at him; it’s not polite.
         gaze at N: The mother lovingly gazed at her sleeping child.
	 glare at N: The teacher glared at him when he walked in late.

11. 拐杖: a stick = a cane
      cf. stick (n.); sticker (n.)

16. 完成 (v.) :
      cf. finish; complete; accomplish

19. substitute (B) for A		(用B)取代A

     - She’s substituting for the regular teacher this month. 
       (She is a substitute teacher.)
     - The recipe says you can substitute yoghurt for the sour cream.

     cf. replace A (with B)  	(用B)換掉A
     - He replaced the old chair with a new one.

21. sth + concern + sbsb + be concerned for/about/with sth

     - Her illness concerns us. 
   → We are concerned for/about her illness. (擔心)

     - Children’s education concerns us. 
   → We are concerned with/about children’s education. (注重)

     - The study concerns/concerns itself with/is concerned with noise pollution. 

24. 手術: cf. surgery [U]; operation [C]

     - She required surgery/a(n) operation for her chest injuries.

Words for Recognition

9. emphasize (vt.) 
    emphasis n.[U,C]
    emphasize sth = put/place emphasis on sth

10. auspicious ←→ ominous

Pattern I
1. Don’t keep/leave the water running while(when) washing your face.

2. My mom cut her finger while(when) making dinner.

3. Please lower your voice while(when) talking on the phone.
4. Nancy always takes(carries) a shopping bag with her when going to the supermarket.

Pattern II
2. The research points out the fact that human nature is hard to change.
3. The research pointed out a fact that we cannot deny.