Class Notes U11

2. aboriginal = indigenous; native
    aborigine n.[C] 原住民

4. - The younger(←→ older) generation don’t know what hard work is.
    - In my generation, the divorce rate is very high.

5. Legend has it that S+V = According to legend, S+V

7. 養成習慣: form/develop/get into the habit of N/Ving

10.  cf. shout/yell/roar/scream at sb
     →   give/let out a shout/yell/roar/scream at sb
       -   The protesters shouted insults at the government official.

12. decrease ←→ increase 
    - Regular exercise decrease(= lower; reduce) the chance of developing heart disease.

13. volunteer to V→ I volunteered to do the job.
                     for N → I volunteered for the job.
                     sb’s services as N → I volunteered my services as a cook.

14. cf. 傷害(v.) : injure; hurt; wound; harm; damage
                  (n.) : injury; hurt; wound; harm; damage

15.a fierce(= violent) attack/battle/storm/dog/argument
     a fierce/intense/keen competition

16. cf. rise; raise; arise; arouse
    rise rose risen ; raise raised raised ; arise arose arisen ; arouse, aroused, aroused
   - Sales rose by 20% over the Christmas period.
   - William raised his hat and smiled at her.
   - More problems like this are certain to arise.
   - His strange behavior aroused the interest of the neighbors.
   - The chairman rose from his chair and came forward to greet her.
   - Prices have been raised at local shops.
18. plenty of(= a lot of; lots of) books/water

    a large/great number of books
    a large/huge amount of water
19. one's love/hate(hatred)/passion/enthusiasm/sympathy/greed + for N
20. cf. surprised; amazed; shocked; stunned

21. sth + embarrass + sb

22. 養家: support/raise/provide for a family

23. 長輩: one's elders an extinct species   
          an endangered species
     cf. an extinct volcano 
          a dormant volcano
          an active volcano  
25. a resourceful young man 

Idioms and Phrases

2. 巧遇(人) : come upon/come across/run across/run into/bump into sb
   偶然發現(物): come upon/come across/run across/stumble upon(on; across) sth

3. S + would rather 原V1 + than + 原V2
   - We decided to hang on rather than give in.
   - Rather than give/ giving in to the enemy, they fought to death.

6. cf. get away
         go away

7. 呼籲,要求: for sth 
    call on(upon) sb to V: 
   - The opposition party called for an investigation.
   - The UN called on both sides to cease fire.